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TRAFFICX — Decentralized transportation platform built on Ethereum.ETH Bits — Facilitating trades between bank accounts and cryptos.MONETHA — Decentralized reputation and payments for commerce.

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Now imagine paying your toll but still ending up with a fine.Oss Coin — Aiming to protect the future with secure computing and informed youth.Oceanus Foundation — A platform aiming to disrupt the shipping industry.Circle — Transparent and exciting forecasting platform built on blockchain tech.

ARAGON — Everything you need to run your company on Ethereum.PLEXCOIN — New crypto simplifying the process of managing funds.Mirocana — A series of artificial intelligence powered investment products.BITINDIA — A crypto wallet and exchange for the streets of India.Silver rounds look similar to coins, but they are not generally accepted as currency.Relex — A cryptocurrency for crowdsourced real estate development.Sun Multiwallet — A free mobile wallet for storing multiple cryptocurrencies.Hedge Pro — A decentralized platform for hedging against cryptocurrency.Crowdstart Capital — A blockchain technology accelerator for blockchain-related projects.

IMPAK COIN — A stable cryptocurrency designed for social impact.ReOrder — Cryptocurrency payment infrastructure for retail stores.Assistive Reality — Creating the most advanced enterprise Augmented Reality applications.I wonder if rather than jumping into a question with tons of coins, we show a video of.OMEGA ONE — A cheaper and safer way to trade cryptocurrencies.Artemine — The successor to Minereum, a self-mining cryptocurrency.LEGACY — Transfer your memories and cryptos to loved ones after death.

Clinton beat Bernie Sanders by a razor-thin margin Monday night in Iowa.EOS — The most powerful infrastructure for decentralized apps.

SKRILLA — A licensed, fully regulated, global eSports wagering brand.But only in a very limited-liability kind of way. A promotional video for Coin. Be Careful With Coin.

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Just wondering why I get 15 coins per video I watch and my friend gets 500 per video he watches.Bally V5500 video poker - Pro Series - 25 cent COIN not token - Has sound - works perfectly.How to Do a Simple Coin Magic Trick. Coin. The Teleporting Coin Trick The.

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MILL OF BLOOD — A contemporary art exhibition that mints physical coins.

Tours cover the present state of coin manufacturing and the history of a Mint. In fact, the Charlotte and Dahlonega facilities minted only gold coins.EMPIRE CARD — A new debit card for making purchases with cryptocurrency.

Transmission — Fast and reliable multi-currency transactions.DISLEDGER — Non-blockchain, distributed ledger for high volume transactions.SaharaChain — An AI-driven cryptocurrency exchange and payment gateway.BITS DIGIT — An ecosystem designed for non-technical crypto users.Lucid Exchange — Powering the derivatives market with blockchain technology.GROCERYX — Platform for community based distribution of food.Valus — A platform which will connect trademarks, retailers and customers.AMMBR — Tokenizing internet connectivity with a wireless mesh network.INDICOIN — A platform independent, autonomous social service dapp.

THE AGORA — Decentralized marketplace built with Ethereum and IPFS.Paragon — Professional co-working space for cannabis related businesses.TriForce Tokens — A comprehensive, blockchain-based video game platform.

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VIRTUE POKER — P2P decentralized poker platform built on Ethereum.You Can Buy Your Next Car From This Coin-Operated Vending Machine. only much smaller). you get a special coin to insert into the machine that will summon your.SONM — Decentralized worldwide fog computer for general purpose computing.