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Coinstar Wants To Cash In Your Gift Cards. It sounds like Coinstar Exchange will use similar safeguards, which is either comforting or intrusive and creepy.The fact that so many people are okay with paying almost 10% of their deposited money in fees is astounding already.Coinstar machines in the US will take the following coin: 1 Cent (except 1943 Steel and Indian head) 5 Cent (all, including new design) 10 Cent (except Silver 1964.

A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees.You can also swap out unwanted gift cards for cash through Coinstar.A customer dump coins into a coinstar machine and paper money.

Coinstar hackers trick machines into waiving 9% fee

Police in three states are investigating a series of thefts involving Coinstar machines, including three instances in Cleveland suburbs.The machine is easy to use. I know the coinstar machines looks fun to use.

I called Coinstar, and he told me that I needed to wait until Feb 8, as that was 8 weeks.While in America it may be worth it to use Coinstar to convert your coins.They know what there machines are doing, and they better fix it.

Hacking a CoinStar machine to bypass transaction fees

FYI its the stores choice wether they want to cash out the voucher at a later date, not Coinstar.

History. The company was founded in 1991 as Coinstar, Inc. and is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.Information provided is intended to assist you in making decisions and does not eliminate the need to discuss your particular circumstances with a qualified professional.

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To do this, use Coinstar as normal but choose to receive a gift card instead of cash.I use Coinstar all the name but was unaware of the gift card exchange.Then I just go enter that into my Amazon account (like any other Amazon gc) and it saves the balance until the next time I buy something.While not a bank, I see these in the local grocery stores all the time.

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Yesterday, I headed over to the Coinstar machine at my local grocery store with my Coin Sherpa in hand.Since this basically entailed doing nothing except a trip to the grocery store, I figured it would be worth my time.Ouch, 11.9%. I was happy to use Coinstar once per year to get rid of my pennies, but that usage is no longer relevant. At 11.9 percent,.Outerwall Inc. delivers retail products and services to consumers via self-service interactive kiosks.

Coinstar Coin Counting for Free, But Something Is Missing

The Amazon Gift Card arrived on Thursday, after I called them.

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Originally posted by: insite We use CoinStar, we roll our quarters and dimes and take them to the bank, but we let the CoinStar machine count the nickels and pennies.Please tell your friends and allow us 1-2working days to allow acces to your coins.Company Profile, Information, Business Description, History,.Why do people keep taking their change to coinstar when they charge like ten cents for every dollar it counts.All Alert notifications sent in a single email once each day.Do you use Coinstar or other coin counting service (perhaps provided courtesy of your bank).

Nearly all coin-counting machines charge a so-called convenience fee of 8 or 9% for the privilege of converting your coins to paper currency.

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I had never used a Coinstar machine before (I typically take my coins to the bank, where I know the machine counts correctly, but more importantly counts for free), so I wanted to start off slow to ensure that it counted correctly.

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Registration only requires that you provide a few key pieces of information.

Coinstar has recently created a promotion where they are taking away the fees for using their coin-counting kiosks when you take a gift card or e-certificate.I went first to the in-store bank, where I exchanged some bills for coins, then went over to the coin counting machine.Instead of giving me the Amazon card that I originally wanted, they gave me a ticket for cash minus the roughly 10%.

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On the Accuracy of CoinStar. If I were to use coinstar, I would be able to get the certificate right away and be able to cash it in iTunes immediately.The retype password must be the same as new password to confirm your password change.Outerwall cooperated with the US Mint in the introduction of.Go to the Coinstar ® machine locator to find the nearest...Salaries, reviews, and more - all posted by employees working at Coinstar.

She said that she was told that they processed the last of the rebates last week, and so are telling people that they should receive their rebates by the end of February.Yes, when you use a Coinstar machine and want to get cash for your coins, they take 10.9% off the top.

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Link to the description of a pretty simple method by which Coinstar machines can reportedly be compromised into counting spare coins, without charging the user.

However, there may be inaccuracies from time to time which we will make every attempt to correct immediately.

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Same thing happened to me, I selected the gift card option and only after it counted all my coins did it tell me that the option was unavailable and that I must take cash less 9.8%. I called and told them I would have rolled my own coins if not for the free coin counting that comes with the gift card and they mailed me a check for the fee ammount.I chose an card, so it just prints out a redemption code on the receipt.