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The original chain could grind to a halt and loose almost all value.Please note that if there are more shorts than longs at the fork event, this coefficient will be less than one.Such loaned tokens can, and often do, leave the platform. (2).Bitcoin Cash (BCC) will be a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain 1:1, meaning that on August 1st you will get as many BCC coins as you have Bitcoins in your wallet.

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Starting August 1st, 2017, the Bitcoin Cash (commonly named as BCC or BCH in certain exchanges).In the event of a chain split, Bittrex will take all reasonable steps to ensure that customer funds can be preserved on both chains.

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Currently, BCC is only available for trading, deposits and withdrawals on a handful of exchanges namely Bitfinex, Kraken, ViaBTC, HitBTC and Bittrex.

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To this end, as a security precaution, we will be disabling bitcoin deposits and withdrawals on 31 July 2017 at 23:00 hrs UTC to ensure that all BTC funds stored at Bitstamp remain secure.And they have also signaled their support for BIP91 at the moment.

If you have a Bitcoin (BTC) balance on Bittrex during the BCC UAHF time on August 1st, 5:20am PT (12:20pm UTC), you will be additionally.We would like to take this opportunity to let you know our plans for the upcoming weeks as we navigate any potential disruptions on the Bitcoin (BTC) network.If we decide to support and make available derivative blockchain tokens after a blockchain split, note that if you have your tokens on loan at the time of a split, we cannot distribute the derivative tokens to you, the lender, as you would not possess them.Here are big potential risks and rewards, including whether the investment could.There are a number of proposals for technical changes to Bitcoin that may take effect in the coming weeks, so we are taking this opportunity to communicate our plans for managing any resulting network disruption.That is, assuming it will be listed as BCC in the first place.Although we have not supported such Bitcoin UTXO-based distributions in the past (Stellar Lumens, Clams, etc.), we will support the distribution of Bitcoin Cash due to significant customer interest.This is a great observational article authored by Jeff Berwick on the anticipated Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin Cash (BCC) Fork and choices to be made with wallets.

I suppose the point of the video is to keep a close eye on the current market.Bitcoin Cash is up 58.20% in 24 hours, up 166.78% on the week and up 0.00% on the month on a last price of 0.21689193 or.Bitcoin News: Bitcoin Cash Price Sees Sharp Drop as BCC Trading Volume Dries up by Two-thirds.It is yet to be seen what the value of the new Bitcoin Cash coins will be and if it will get enough user traction.Just as the markets got excited about BIP91 and SegWit ativation, it seems that a hard fork to create Bitcoin Cash or BCC will go forward.This also brings additional benefits such as input value signing for improved hardware wallet security,.As such, we will be resolving this discrepancy in the form of a socialized distribution coefficient.

This means that any user who held Bitcoin at the time of the fork (August 1st, 2017.We will leave it to you to decide whether to withdraw your BTC funds from Bitstamp prior to this cut-off date if you would like to access BCC or any other hard fork, and Bitstamp shall not be held liable for any consequences of that decision, from neither a financial, operational nor regulatory standpoint.

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Have you asked: What is Bitcoin Cash, How to Buy Bitcoin, Earn Free Bitcoin,. bitcoin price, cryptocurrency news, BCC, and digital currency technical analysis,.The value of Bitcoin Cash as a new altcoin largely depends on the hash rate of the network.Xrp Chat is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Ripple, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates.

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The length of any possible downtime is unknown as this is highly dependent on network stability.BCH will be distributed to settled bitcoin wallet balances as of the UTC timestamp of the first forking block, which is expected to occur on August 1st, 2017.As always, the safety of your funds remains our number one priority.The Bitcoin Cash hard fork was a long time. (alternatively BCC,.Ask price is the best price a seller is willing to accept for a.The fork does not impact Bitcoin balances, but it creates a new token.

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At this time, we cannot commit to supporting any specific blockchain that may emerge if there is a blockchain split.Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency based on a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain.

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At the time of the fork, all Bitcoin addresses holding a balance will automatically have equivalent balances in Bitcoin Cash.Margin longs who wish to receive BCH should consider either claiming some or all of their position or exchanging and holding BTC collateral in their margin wallet as opposed to other assets.Many market observers believe that BCC will attract much speculation and short term trading, yet whether or not the new altcoin can have long term support is still questionable at this early point.

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Bitcoincash BCC price graph info 24 hours, 7 day, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year.The wallet will remain closed until the majority hash power chain is clearly established.Bitcoin is surging higher as Bitcoin Cash (BCC) futures value crashes 50 percent prior to its proposed Aug. 1 activation date.Please check our Twitter feed, Facebook page and website for the latest news, updates and developments.BitConnect is concerned about the potential confusion caused by listing of Bitcoin Cash as BCC. and accounts and value.

BCC is set to perform a User Activated Hard Fork (UAHF) from the Bitcoin network on August 1st, 5:20am (12:20pm UTC).

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We hope to make withdrawals available soon after the fork, assuming everything is fine with the BCH blockchain.We take no position on the desirability of any particular proposal nor do we have a stake in any outcome.

Deposits and withdrawals will be resumed only when we deem it safe and prudent to do so.MingoCoin Plans to Ride the Wave of Mobile Messaging to 1.2M Users in 2018.A total of 41 Bitcoin Cash blocks were mined since the hard fork took place.Stay up to date with the latest Bitcoin Cash price movements and forum discussion.There has been a variety of responses by the community about how to handle this new token.BCC app Provides latest news, updates, wallet, price and mining bitcoin for cash.

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Nevertheless, it might need weeks before adjustment is completed and blocks are created at the expected 10 minute block intervals.In the end, we believe that this solution creates the least amount of disruption and facilitates a timely distribution of BCH.Some exchanges will not be supporting Bitcoin Cash and it is advised that you do not keep your bitcoins on any.