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Reality dictates that, if 125 million people receive this information, although many of them may like the proposals, only a small percentage of that figure will likely take action to implement them in their states.ALTERNATIVE CURRENCY PROPOSAL Project to Stop Federal Tyranny Now I.Unfortunately, for America, that did not occur in large enough numbers.If 500,000 people were to send this, on average, to 25 people, we would be reaching 12,500,000 people.If California were lucky enough, by some miracle, to get some group, somewhere in the world, to lend it one trillion dollars to buy the gold, and California then attempted to buy one trillion dollars in gold, what do you think would happen to the price of gold.Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.There is no one who will lend California a trillion dollars to buy gold to back an alternative currency, therefore, the position that the currency must be gold backed is untenable and insane.

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Assist in using open source code to create a new ALT Currency.People, so to speak, simply bought the program and regurgitated whatever the program dictated.

Dive deep into the latest news about bitcoin, ripple and other cryptocurrencies and speculate on their future value.Now, it is evident, to even those who are least informed, that the systems have gone awry, but, for the most part, they do not know how, why, where, when or for how long.

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If California has no gold to back the proposed currency, then, logically it would have to buy enough gold to accomplish this.The intrinsic values of gold and silver, in and of themselves, have maintained and appreciated over the centuries, but as a backing for a currency, they only serve the interests of those who control these metals and any currencies based upon them, just as now occurs with precious metals and currency markets.

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Currency evolved from two basic innovations, both of which had occurred by 2000 BC.Following is the audio and the companion documents for this project.It is quite clear that under the system you propose there is basically zero difference between the current monetary system and the new monetary system, with the exception that, in theory, the currency is backed by gold.This is a dramatic, significant change in American society, one that is badly needed, and one that cannot be discounted.An alternative currency (or private currency) is any currency used as an alternative to the dominant national or multinational currency systems.Get updates on the latest technology for ASIC mining and Scrypt mining.

Here are some realistic figures that could be achieved, if enough Americans were to distribute the CDs and this information available on this website.To us, once someone lies to us, or commits treason, he is forever branded a liar and a traitor, and if we were to ever trust or put any faith in what he says, then, we would be insane, just like everyone else.Depending upon the amount of the loan, borrowers can make payments for terms up to 50 years.

Maine state government and other local governments in Maine will make yearly requests to MaineBank for all government needs and expenses for the entire following year.The Future Of Bitcoin And Alt-Currencies: A Conversation With ICONOMI Founder. future of bitcoin and other alt-currencies. focuses on currency.All non-government grants will be made upon requests submitted to and approved by MaineBank, after review and assessment by the Non-government Grant Committee and final approval by the Board of Directors of MaineBank.We connect the dots as events unfold, offering valuable insights on how to protect and grow both.Many items have been used for trade throughout history, including bartered goods and materials.If you do not think so, then, you do not know the markets and how they work and are manipulated.

MaineBank will operate as an Authority, under the People, brought into being by the Maine legislature and signed into law by the Governor, pursuant to their oaths, on behalf of the People of Maine for their economic well being, the well being of Maine businesses and industries and that of the state of Maine.The International Journal of Community Currency Research has been publishing since 1997.Maybe your state will lead the way and restore economic sanity in this nation.No public indebtedness exists for funds spent by the state or any city, town, county or municipality of the state for government purposes to benefit the People.